Our corporate solutions provide a variety of services tailored to your company’s requirements.

Ingerson Capital Partners - Corporations

We can help you set financial goals, manage risks and rewards, improve your business, and more. Our team is here to serve as a trustworthy source of information on all elements of business performance, assisting you in making the best decisions possible for your company.

Mergers & Acquisitions Service

Our mergers and acquisitions service can assist you in navigating the complicated financial and legal issues of combining two businesses or purchasing a new one.

You will need an experienced team with a clear plan and top-level asset appraisal knowledge to align two businesses. Similar abilities are required to guarantee that purchasing a new company offers all of the expected benefits.

IPO Service

Companies who are seeking funding for the first time from the public capital markets benefit immensely from employing an experienced independent advisor to act as their advocate throughout this often confusing process. We will assist you in developing a comprehensive plan for going public, increasing visibility, and mitigating transaction risks as your trusted consultants.

We have many years of expertise at Ingerson Capital Partners supporting companies across a wide range of industries in preparing for the public market. This abundance of practical experience safeguards your firm from start to finish during the listing process.

Business Administration Service

Business administration is a critical – but often neglected – component of running a successful company. For all sorts of businesses, we provide a comprehensive business administration solution.

Our team consists of experts with years of professional experience who are all capable of satisfying your company's requirements. You may concentrate on business management and expansion while we handle all of your administrative needs.

Business Accounting Service

Finding a suitable solution might be difficult due to the complexity of today's business accounting systems. From start-ups to established firms, small enterprises benefit from our proactive, personalized approach to business and accounting services.

We are not an outsourced financial department; instead, we operate as an independent partner with you, offering support and services as needed. We employ accounting best practices to ensure your businesses economic situation is maintained, from ensuring all tax obligations to knowing rules when working with foreign commerce, from payroll to record-keeping.

Gain access to our industry-leading financial services and business advisory solutions.

We can help you navigate through the often challenging landscape of managing your finances.

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