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Ingerson Capital Partners - Accounts

At Ingerson Capital Partners, we offer three types of accounts to our clients: advisory, discretionary, and execution-only. Each account is appropriate for clients with varying degrees of experience and requirements for investment strategy control.

Advisory Account

With an advisory account, we will give you investment advice and execute trades on your behalf. We will also monitor your accounts, devise a strategy that considers the current economic climate, and keep you informed of any changes, so you know how your money is being managed.

An advisory account gives you access to our team of financial professionals' abundance of expertise. For individuals who are not interested in the inner workings of the markets or do not have the time to manage their investments, this is the best account to use.

Discretionary Account

Our clients have more control over their assets with a discretionary account. A discretionary account is one in which you have the ability to invest your money any way you choose without having to follow a predetermined set of rules.

We will provide you advice and make recommendations, but you will have the final say on which products best meet your investment objectives. All investments, including stocks, derivatives, and other financial instruments, are conceivable with a discretionary account.

This account is excellent for those who desire a bit more control over the construction of their portfolio than an advisory account provides or as an addition to other accounts that clients manage themselves.

Execution-Only Account

An execution-only account is a convenient way to invest in the financial markets, but it is only recommended for experienced investors.

We offer access to a wide range of markets and assets, as well as the ability to execute trades swiftly and efficiently. Unless specifically requested, we will not offer suggestions or otherwise advocate any deal unless you tell us what you need to happen.

This account is perfect for seasoned investors who want complete control over their funds without dealing with the details.

Gain access to our industry-leading financial services and business advisory solutions.

We can help you navigate through the often challenging landscape of managing your finances.

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